Spaghetti With Sundried Tomato and Olive Paste

I made a jar of sundried tomatoes, olives and caper paste (previous post) because I love the ingredients. I had it with baguette, but there is only so much bread I can eat. So, I tried mixing it with pasta, and it’s good. I paired the paste with prawns and cherry tomatoes for the sweetness, to balance off the saltiness of the olives and capers. Fresh basil from the garden adds aroma and freshness, and voila…. a quick meal. I actually made it on a weekday morning – in between getting ready for work and rushing my daughter to school – so it’s a quick dish to make – boil spaghetti, drop in the prawns in the boiling pasta water for three minutes, halve the cherry tomatoes and slice up some basil leaves.

Here’s my favourite Italian cookbook again – I love the step-by-step pictorial illustration, the rich cultural histories, the personal anecdotes, the reliable and clear instructions in the recipes, and of course the gorgeous pictures.


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