Cookies, not!


It’s Christmas, and everyone seems to be baking fancy cookies with white icing and what-nots. I have fantasies of baking snowflake cookies and gingerbread dolls to hang on the tree (which I also put up and decorate in my head), but I know my limitations.

I am not a baker, I have long realised that. But I was recently hit with pangs of maternal guilt for feeding my poor child store-bought cookies. So, I decided to do right by her and bake her proper chocolate chip cookies.


Every blogger online seems to have a chocolate chip cookie that they swore is the best. I only have chocolate chips, regular flour, butter and white sugar (ran out of brown sugar) and not a single nut in the house.


In the end, I decided to try Donna Hay’s chocolate chip cookies. What I decided to do was to reduce the sugar because most cookie recipes I have tried are too sweet. But I guess it was a tad zealous to take away 1/2 cup of sugar.

I thought the cookies were not too bad, but they were not exactly a hit with the boss…even though I served it with Milo. She’d rather have yoghurt….sigh.


Anyway, I may not make the best cookies, but I can buy them. I have enough stocked up to last the week, I think.



3 Responses to “Cookies, not!”

  1. ashk4nn Says:


  2. Jason Says:

    I want milano~

  3. Suzanne Says:

    Never mind lah, you still make the world’s best quiche innit … so don’t worry about the cookies.

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