Raining Durians In Raub, Pahang

There were durians everywhere in Raub, Pahang last weekend. In Sg Klau – a one-street town on the outskirts of Raub – it was practically raining durians. We saw durians dangling from trees by the roadside, and heaps of them at makeshift wholesale markets.

The biggest wholesale durian markets was at the town centre, but there were also those set up by the roadside and under trees.

Farmers from the orchards in the surrounding areas come to these markets with trucks and lorries full of their harvest. At the market, workers quickly and deftly separate them into different grades as they unload the durian, fruit by fruit. According to the worker, he judges the quality of the durian by its appearance and more importantly, by holding it and ‘feeling’ it …. it’s intuitive, he said. But it’s intuitions honed for over 15 years as he has been working with durians since his teens.



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